Head in the Hives. Hands in the Dirt.

Thanks for visiting Bees and Surplus. A silly time to start a website, this time of Year… as the crocuses bloom, the bees begin their increase, and Me with my head in the hives and hands in the dirt. I’ve not spent time just yet getting the website presentable. So please, don’t wilt or lose interest, just imagine yourself on the bee highway and visit my FB page.  https://www.facebook.com/BeesandSurplus/


It is there, at Bees and Surplus, there is all things Bees, and well, Surplus. Photos, videos and musings that I hope prove educational & informative. The more we know, the better we do! Please ‘like’ the FB page, to keep up-to-date, if so inclined.

I’ll get back to the website content and improving this website, but for now…


Head in the Hives. Hands in the Dirt. Managing the Bees. Grateful for the Surplus. seedtypes3.JPG

You can also reach Me via email:  BeesandSurplus@gmail.com.  Thanks for your interest!